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Our translation agency has been engaged in this activity for already five years. We have established ourselves as serious professionals who do their work accurately and in time. What do you have to do to get a good translation from us?

Step 1

Decide what kind of translation you need. We are ready to take on the regular translations for different departments of enterprises (legal, technical, manufacturing), all translations will be carried out in the shortest possible time and in accordance with the requirements of the customer. If necessary, we are ready to form a team of translators working with different languages, and we will supervise and coordinate the activities to the deadline. We will carry out technical translation or interpretation of commercial presentation, which will be done according to all the requirements.

For technical translation we use only proven professionals, as we believe that the translator in this case is responsible not only for knowledge of the language, but also for the correct interpretation of the information. He must process all names and terms correctly. If, for example, we need to do a lot of technical translation, then several experts are involved. Before starting their work, they get clear instructions and the glossary declared by the customer or agreed with the customer glossary. It is necessary for our translators not to mix the definitions and names.

We also do translation and notarization and provide the interpretation services.

Step 2

Call us or contact us in any way you wish. We are available in ICQ, Skype, website chat and receive emails

Step 3

Send files and wait for our managers' response. It will follow no longer than two hours after making the order.

Step 4

Our manager will contact you and tell the details about the cost of the order and the deadlines.

Step 5

Do what you want to and do not worry about the translation. Speaking about costs of translation, you'll be able to calculate the approximate amount that you will pay for it, as our website contains a detailed price list for our services.

We work fast, efficiently, and only for you.

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